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... All my life, I have trouble with one thing...lifting a full cup of water...I envy anyone who could life a full cup to the mouth and not spill it...could you believe it??!! There are times I do it with no problem...don't know why; but other times, my hand just jerks and I can spill half the cup in a split second!! I can only characterize the movement as very sudden, out of... (11 replies)
... Actually, I have no idea what type of CP I have!! I know I have some degrees of spasticity, most right side, and my gait was a bit off but I have improved tremendously. That is because my CP is very, VERY mild. Oh, I'm 28. I walk perfectly, but tense when I get too nervous, or when I have to carry a tray or drink. Sometimes, not often, I loose balance like when I wear heels. I... (11 replies)
... If I may old are you? You may have revealed this in some other thread, but what type of CP do you have? Have you had alot of therapies, and are you still receiving them now? My son is 3, and I know as people age with CP, there aren't alot of doctors out there that deal with people that are older that have CP. As kids, you get alot more info. and help, but as... (11 replies)

... Thanks so much for all your input & experiences. I guess it is, indeed, a part of CP and we must accept it whether we like it or not. I will try to get more comfortable with the idea of asking/telling people to just give me half a cup of anything, and just get refills if necessary. I have also come to realize that I have people who like me as I am, and such demands are... (11 replies)
... I have the same problem. Some days are better then others. It used to really bother me, but now I just try to laugh it off. There is nothing I can do about it. I used to get so terrified at the sight of a full glass or cup. I felt like everyone was watching me take a drink. I would break out into a sweat and really get tense, witch would make things even worse. I actually got... (11 replies)
... Have any users experienced such symptoms? (11 replies)
... Actually it is really just the sight of even a full glass of something......just that alone makes me nervous!! I know that is sounds psychological than physical. I have improved somewhat, but just the other day I decided to take a cup of coffee to the was a quater full that's it - and I go to pick it up and just jerk!! I was more focused on what I was... (11 replies)
... My son has it in both of his feet. If it is the same thing it is called Klonus. The shaking is a result of too much spasticity in the muscle. You could try massaging the spasm out of your hand or adjusting the positioning of the cup in your hand. Try different ways of holding the cup to see if there is one that will suit. (11 replies)
... Its spasms that happens to me and no, I don't take anything to stop them. Some of those relaxant meds make me to drowsy and dopey. So usin straws is just easier for me. (11 replies)
... I'd guess it's a spasm...if you have spastic CP, little ones of those are what gives you tight muscles/contractures And if you're thinking about it or nervous about it happening, that's when it'll happen...because you make your muscles even more tense that way. Stuff like that happens to me when my mom hands me a cup at a certain angle, UNLESS I tell/force myself to relax.... (11 replies)
... Actually with me it happens really out of the blue, even sometimes when i think to myself "don't jerk, dont shake etc." Sometimes it happens other times it does not. I just feel very overwhelmed when I'm meeting someone new or my friends never notice this and then have it happen right in front of them...and you can't really have a straw everywhere you go! Did you ever try... (11 replies)
... That happens to me too. I solved that problem by using straws, I rather do that then spilling drinks on myself. Ive always had this problem all my life and I'm 47 now. (11 replies)
Nervous Ticks?
Dec 4, 2004
... While CP does contribute to startle reflex (for some more than others) I find that mine gets 10 times worse when I'm nervous or anxious. I've found that in my case startle refex that isn't anxiety prevoked has gotten better over the years. I can remember as a kid that I would jump at any sudden / loud noise. - I'd have to leave the kitchen when my mom used the blender -... (22 replies)

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