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High LDL
Aug 3, 2015
So I got my labs back today.

There were my values:

Trig: 85
HDL: 56
LDL: 207

In February my ldl was 225. I have been taking plant sterols for about a month. I have a fairly health diet, lots of fiber, fruits and vegetables, good fats like olive oil avacado nuts etc etc

I'm very sedentary though. Sit at a desk all day and don't get much exercise. I am 38 year old male, 5'10 and weigh 205.

I also have hypothyroidism (controlled.) I also take fish oil daily.

My doctor is pushing statins but I don't want to take them. I've heard they have bad side effects. I also see many reputable doctors in the medical industry saying that high cholesterol is not a cause of heart disease and it's been blown out of proportion.

Has anyone had luck with lowering LDL with exercise of plant sterols?

Anyone taken statins?


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