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I've been down this road in the past. I've tried just about every statin (except Crestor, I refused to even try that one) and I had muscle pain and profound weakness with all of them. Tried niacin but it cause me heart palpitations.

A few years ago my numbers were terrible. My total was 307, ldl was 229 and my hdl was 51. After reading more than 10 books on Cholesterol I decided to try a product called CholesLo. The down side is that insurance will not cover it since it is considered a supplement. I told my doctor I was going to try it-he gave me the eye roll and smiled. I said "let me just try this for 90 days, we'll retest and take it from there".

Three months later- 190 total and 135 LDL. Maybe not perfect -but I could do a lot more with my diet to be honest.

CholesLo is only sold online and is sold with a money back promise if it doesn't work. I've been taking it for 2 + years now. No side effects for me thus far. I'm just saying it works for me and it seems like you are running low on options. Good luck.

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