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The doctor is the best person to help with this question but what I don't understand is the reduction in his HDL. At first they said the HDL was 56 which is good but the second time his HDL was 30 and that is low. His HDL should be over 40. The 198 isn't bad but the triglycerides are high at 253 and they shouldn't be over 150. I think 20% of the total cholesterol is made from triglycerides. It is good you had your son tested at such a young age or you wouldn't know. Taking fish oil supplements will help lower triglycerides. Now that you know and work with a dietitian your son should be back to healthy levels. Exercise is always good too. :) One last thing, his LDL of 47 seems kind of low and his numbers seem a little funny but it is possible that is normal for a young boy.
Get his thyroid checked. I don't know why this isn't an automatic check when cholesterol levels are high. They should check his storage T4 as well as free T3, not just TSH, which is often misleading and there can be a thyroid problem even though TSH is normal and there are few symptoms. Young people especially often feel no symptoms because their adrenals compensate. A doctor can also use the ankle reflex test to check for a thyroid imbalance, but this test has gone out of fashion since they started relying on the TSH blood test.

For healthy thyroid function, you need: iodine, selenium, iron and zinc. Iodine is often the thing that is missing or in short supply. Especially in kids who don't like fish or shellfish. The food supply of iodine is very inconsistent. It all depends on where you live. In some regions the soil is very deplete of iodine. A multivitamin with iodine is your best bet.

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