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I am a female in my early twenties with high cholesterol. High cholesterol runs in my family but my parents total has never exceeded 200.
I didn't even know I had high cholesterol until I began taking accutane. They tested my cholesterol prior to the medicine and it was at 280 (I am young and no one told me this was high so I thought it was normal and did nothing). I was on a 5 month course of accutane and each month it went up but my dermatologist wasn't concerned at all. Until I started talking to people I became worried about my cholesterol and before I knew it, my next lab came back at 343. My dermatologist finally acknowledged this was high and I began consulting with my doctor. I had a month left of the medicine and they both agreed I was fine to complete the treatment. I am now 3 months off accutane and my total cholesterol is 260, my ldl is 180. I have made drastic changes to my diet but at this high of a level should I begin medicine? Is this normal for someone so young? I eat healthy, live an active life, and am actually underweight. I don't get what is causing this

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