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Hi ~

I am new to this board and I have high cholesterol. I sure hope I didn't cause it myself, but here is my story...

In January 2015, I had a blood panel from my doctor with the following results:

Cholesterol standard range <=239

Triglyceride standard range <=499

HDL standard range >=50

Low density lipoprotein calculated <159

In April of this year, I went on a Ketogenic diet and continued that though July. I had read that the Ketogenic diet was good for cholesterol, although it is high fat, high protein, and low-carb. Lots of meat, cheese, coconut oil, etc.

From August forward, I have been on a low carb diet, but with less animal fats. Lots of veggies, some fruit, nuts, some eggs and cheese, 1 tbsp of coconut oil with coffee daily, organic chicken, wild salmon and grass fed beef.

Almost 6 weeks ago, I underwent a major surgery (breast implant removal) and since the surgery I have been exhausted. This is unusual for me as I was very active prior to surgery, felt healthy and took no medications. I asked the doctor to run blood panels on me and all was well except cholesterol, which is now way up. He wants to put me on a statin (atorvastatin), and I asked for a couple of months to bring the numbers down myself. I think they may be high because of my surgery, compounded by diet. I'm unsure of what diet to follow ~ they all seem to conflict with one another ~ consume coconut oil, avoid coconut oil, eggs are OK, egg whites only, etc.

Here are my #'s:

Cholesterol standard range <=239
1/2015 value = 243
10/2015 value = 303

Triglyceride standard range <=499
1/2015 value = 52
10/2015 value = 36

HDL standard range >=50
1/2015 value = 72
10/2015 value = 80

Low density lipoprotein calculated <159
1/2015 value = 161
10/2015 value = 216

Any advice for this newbie? Thank you in advance!!

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