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Hello All,

Hoping I can get some advice.

I have had high cholesterol all my life. It was first discovered when I was 27 years old.
I am now 60 years old and currently taking 40mg of Simvastatin.

5 feet tall.
Weight 128.
BP 122 / 78

Family History: My mother just passed away at age 89 from stroke and complications of vascular dementia.

Total cholesterol 236
HDL 87
Trigs 71
LDL 135
non-hdl cholesterol 149
TC/HDL ratio 2.7
LDL/HDL ratio 1.55

I've also had an EKG, echo, and dopplers for carotid artery and lower extremities which were all fine.

Over the last few years I have also been having trouble with blood sugar. My reading in august was 94 and now it is up to 101! I'm really worried about becoming diabetic. I'm very careful to avoid sugar, sweets and starchy foods.

My blood test always says, "below average risk". Yet my doctor gave me samples of Crestor! This is so confusing!
1. Should I try the Crestor? OR are my numbers fine the way they are?

2. I'm concerned that the elevated glucose level is due to the statin. (My doctor said my glucose level was fine :rolleyes: If so is there anything I can do bring my glucose down and stay on the statin? I went off the statins for a few months and my TC went up to 331!

Thanks to all!

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