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Being young and far from being obese, in my opinion you appear to have Familial hypercholesterolaemia, which is an inherited condition characterised by higher than normal levels of LDL blood cholesterol.

Following a diet and exercise change alone will only produce minor changes to lipid figures for those with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia.

My wife was diagnosed with this condition ten years ago aged 53, and did not want to go down the Statin route as a treatment. So, all them years ago I started researching the causes of Hypercholesterolaemia and then commenced addressing the root causes on my 'Guinea pig' wife to at least reduce her lipid figures as much as possible without Statin intake.

Her initial figures in 2006 were:
TC 8.2mmol/L (317.1mg/dl)
LDL 5.5mmol/L (212.7mg/dl)
HDL 1.5mmol/L (58mg/dl)
Trigs 2.4mmol/L (212.6mg/dl)

Eighteen months later:
TC 5.0mmol/L (193.3mg/dl)
LDL 3.3mmol/L (127.6mg/dl)
HDL 1.6mmol/L (61.9mg/dl)
Trig 0.8mmol/L (70.9mg/dl)

Since the end of 2007 (above figs.) the worst case increase has been to 5.9mmol/L for TC and 3.8mmol/L for her LDL...HDL and Trigs have remained around the latter figures with the other two hovering between the lowest and highest readings.

Strictly following the Mediterranean diet should be for life, not just twelve months.
Exercise, she has not altered at all.....Just housework and two days a week of around 2.5 miles each day.

PLUS...daily: 600mg RYR + 2000mg Omega3 +100mg COq10 + 150mg Allicin Garlic

Not just any old Red Yeast Rice.
Not just any old Omega 3.
Total reduction of Omega 6 to match intake of Omega 3.

The root cause of Hypercholesterolaemia is INFLAMMATION........Conquer that and you are half way there.

PS: My wife and I have been eating roast chicken (should never eat skin) every single week for donkey's years along with Oily fish......However, only around two meals a month that contain red meat.
The intake of Cholesterol is inevitable and is required throughout the body, especially the brain. What the body requires and doesn't receive from the outside, it makes in the liver.


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