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Age: 36 - male For 4 years: no eggs, no sweets, no ice cream, no cheese, red meat once or two times per week, fish 2 times per week, vegetables, light smoker (my bad). Very high family history of cholesterol, no drug statins. Cholesterol always between 240 and 300

Below are my results in 2016.

12 April: Cholesterol 284 mg/dl, ldl 201, hdl 46, triglyc. 187

The same day I started without docs advice Red Yeast Rice 1 tablet 600mg every 2 days, q10, garlic (every day), milk thistle, 20 minutes walking every day.

24 May: Cholesterol 217 mg/dl, ldl 148, hdl 47, triglyc. 110

I continued RYR and also after doctor's advice I included in my diet 3 eggs and 3 yogurts per week. He said that I was losing great vitamins without great reason.

30 June: Cholesterol 198 mg/dl, ldl 131, hdl 55, triglyc. 58

I believe that RYR (statin) makes all the difference. Am I correct;

Checked also my liver's numbers and they were just fine, muscle pain zero to very light.

Should I continue RYR which my doctor does not understand or turn to statin? Are they exactly the same in terms of affecting human body and health?

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