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Hi everyone,
I'm 50 years old and I've been on statins for a long time, probably 15 years. All the male side of my family have a history of heart disease and even with dietary changes my HDL is low and my LDL is high - on statins it is acceptable.
I decided a long time ago that my energy levels were not the same as my peers, particularly when exercising, it actually became a bit of a joke with my training partner at how I started yawning within a few minutes of our workouts starting. This was when I was on Lipitor and I moved through the statins getting the same results and I am now on Crestor which seemed better (as I could take a lower dose for a decent result) but my weight has steadily increased to an unacceptable level as my persistent fatigue and in particular my energy loss at the gym and when walking fast with my dogs has taken its toll. My last full blood screen showed I am now pre-diabetic so I really need to get back to a good weight and get a grip on the energy fluctuations I have and the cravings for high energy food and the low energy when exercising.
My question is this. My doctor is set against stopping statins but I don't want to head into a new decade with these energy levels so I would be really interested to hear how people get on with supplements - particularly CoQ10, NAC and PQQ, as I've seen the VitaPulse presentation that puts these forward, particularly for statin takers over 45.
Essentially I want the lowered LDL I get from statins but I also want to boost my HDL and my energy levels.
Any advice on supplementation?

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