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I am really confused and upset with my last cholesterol test. Four months ago, I had my annual check up and my numbers weren't good.
TC 213
LDL 113
HDL 42
Trig 290 (I have always had trouble with the trig.)

I was on 10mg of Atorvastatin. My Dr increased me to 20mg and told me to take a fish oil cap.

Two months ago I watched a documentary and decided to go on a plant based diet. I have been doing really good on it. Eating lots of veggies (especially dark green), fruits, beans, nuts. I gave up all processed foods, oils (except the nuts and avocados), dairy and cheese. I eat oats and quinoa, and maybe a slice of whole wheat bread. I try to avoid too many sugary desserts, pasta etc. I drink almond milk and sometimes add some plant-based protein powder..I sound like a saint, right?!! So this week I go for a Cholesterol test thinking I'm going to ace it. Wrong, my numbers are horrible!

TC 158 (sounds good, right, but it gets bad fast!)
LDL 77
HDL 30 (dropped from 41...and WAY low for a woman (should be above 50)
Trig 255
Ratio: 5.3 (this is what worries me....should be <4.0)

What gives! I can understand my HDL maybe going down since Dr. increased my Atorvastatin to 20mg. But you would think my Trig would be super low. I did fast 12 hours, by the way, and did not eat anything with high carbs. Also, I gave up alcohol for the past two months....which was harder than the meat! I am really bummed! I did drop about 10 lbs. the first month, but have stayed the same this past month. I weigh 160lb. at 5'6", so I am slightly overweight.

Does anyone have any ideas about what happened? I really like being's been pretty easy and really has curbed my cravings for sweets. Also, I love animals and feel better not eating them. I think plant based diets are better for the earth. I don't want to go back to the way I was eating but my numbers are worse that before.

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