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Why do you say RYR isn't working if your numbers are still good? Also, how much do you take? I take 1200mg twice a week and 600mg the other days. One day a week (Sunday) I don't take any supplements to give my system a chance to rest. If you are only taking 600 mg. you might want to try bumping it up a little, at least one or two days a week.

Not sure what you mean about Niacin having side effects to consider. They do produce a flush but that is what you want as it's the flush that elevates HDL, helps decrease LDL and triglycerides and has other benefits as well. The flush side effect can be controlled by ramping up slowly, as I suggested. The then mild flush only lasts a few minutes. But your choice, of course. The contraindications I am aware of are: liver disease, peptic ulcer, or arterial bleeding.

Eating high protein/low carb is another way to aid and maintain your cholesterol levels. Exercise, even just walking, will help as well.

Wishing you well with whatever you decide.


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