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I am at a loss. High cholesterol and diabetes run in my family. I am 53 year old female, petite, 5 foot tall and weigh around 98 lbs. My cholesterol levels were pretty high going back 10 years ago, meaning close to 300. then I ate whatever I wanted until I got checked regularly. Since then I have had lots of success with eating healthy and daily exercise. It has been as low as 193 and as high as 233 this year. Each year alternates between low and high. I am told to cut back on carbs, I see carbs are in everything you eat! I also told my sugar went from 92 to 102 this year. that scared me. I haven't exercised that much due to the heat here and I injured my ankle. I asked if fresh fruit can raise your glucose, she said absolutely. SO fruit isn't that great to eat twice a day??? I though I was doing myself good by eating fresh fruit and veggies. My dilemma is what to eat anymore? If I cut back I will lose weight I can't afford to lose weight. Any Suggestions. They said no need for meds yet but I'm afraid I'm going in that direction. My blood pressure is always normal.

2018 Numbers
Total Cholesterol = 233
Trigylcerides = 50
HDL = 73
VLDL = 10
LDL = 150
Glucose = 102

2017 Numbers
Total Cholesterol = 204
Trigylcerides = 58
HDL = 72
VLDL = 12
LD = 120
Glucose = 92

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