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[QUOTE=paw]Test number are: Total 253....LDL 191.....HDL 44.2.....Tri...91....question is Have I got 1 foot in the grave. Dr. prescribed Prestor or is it Crestor..haven't picked up the prescription yet. I would like to try life changes first since reading about Cholesterol medication. One web site lists, good pills bad pills and Prestor is listed as bad medication. I smoke so figure the best thing I could do is quit or drastically cut back. I am not over-weight and don't have high blood pressure or diabetes. I know the lectures about smoking, but I am totally addicted through my own fault and its going to be tough to quit, but figure I am at a cross roads now and had better re-evaluate things. You all have mentioned diet and fish oil? What brand fish oil or does it matter. What about Dr. Weil vitamins? Age is 56.[/QUOTE]
Vitamins are great for you, but will do little, if anything, to improve your cholesterol numbers. Omega3 fatty acids, the beneficial component of fish oil, is a proven benefit in your quest for a healthy heart. However, it too has considerable limitations as to how much it can do. Your biggest problem is your Total/HDL ratio. Yours is 5.75. The only way to bring this down is to either lower your total or raise your HDL. Ideally it is a combination of both.

You are in line for a major change. Yes, quit smoking. Highly addictive? You bet. Is it in your power to do? Of course. Your decision to do this is no different that any other decision in life we make. You weigh your opportunity costs and go with what you decide is worth the risk. Quit if you think the gamble of smoking isn't worth the potential negative impact. That it is difficult does not make it a complex concept. It was just as addictive for me, and every other "former" smoker. Continue if you decide the level of effort to quit is greater than the potential benefit gained from quitting.

Exercise will do more to lower total and raise HDL than any supplement you take (perhaps with the exception of red yeast rice).

No easy answers, such as taking vitamins. Do you have one foot in the grave? No one knows. Are your numbers particularly good? No.

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