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[QUOTE=fwa1981]I have bought a 170 ml bottle of Cod Liver Oil. it is packaged under the name of Seven Seas Ltd. (a British company). It has the following specifications.

Every 10 ml (the daily dose) contains:

Vitamin A 7000 I.U
Vitamin D 800 I.U
Vitamin E 1 I.U
Omega 3 1.8 grams
of which
0.83 grams EPA
0.74 grams DHA

Is this supplement good enough and the contents well tolerated?

Also i need to ask one thing; i am aleady taking vitamin e 800 mg daily. Should i cut my dose in order to take this oil. Also whats the daily recommended dosage of vitamin e. And how much is 1 I.U in mgs?[/QUOTE]

I have never heard of that brand of cod liver oil, so I can't really comment on it. The big question is how does it taste? And how is it processed? If you can't tolerate the taste, then all the benefits in the world won't do you any good if won't take it. Also, the processing method is important because of concerns with mercury and other toxins in fish (Carlson's is molecularly distilled to remove mercury and other contaminants).

That 170 ml bottle is what, about 6 oz? My 16.8 oz bottle is the equivalent of 500 ml. That cod liver oil seems to be pretty concentrated since it has a relatively high amount of EPA and DHA per 10 ml (teaspoon) dose.

And it is a good idea to take vitamin E with fish or cod liver oil since the vitamin E helps to prevent oxidation of the delicate fats. I usually take 400 IU of Vitamin E per day. Are you sure that your Vitamin E is labeled 800 mg? Mine is labeled in IU instead of mg.

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