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years ago I was totally broke and living in a cabin in a place called oral south dakota. all I could afford was a daily bowl of brown rice with some bronners bullion on it - it was the first winter that they kept Evans Plunge open during the day in Hot Springs So Dak - Basically the people working there let me use it for free since they didn't have many customers in the winter and I would make them laugh.. For me it was something to do each and every day - I would swim and I would work the weights and in this manner I lost 40 lbs - I could go across the rings that hung over the width of th pool with my street clothes on - now thats being in good shape... It was sort of a spartan life I was living with only a wood stove and no running water - had to use an out house - oh i remember those 50 yard dashes to and from.
This is why I am optimistic even if my body is trashed currently - I know it is mind set - when younger you join a health club to look buff and after you look good enough you stop going and soon your me - 18 years later.. I guess I won't be doing red yeast rice - since its gone from the shelves - but I can do the niaspan - I was taking simvastin but it gave me shoulder pain - both shoulders - and I have some of the sugar cane policosanol - but from what I read here the verdict is still out on that... I am happy to say I can afford to buy a membership at a health club - for many a year I wouldn't have been able to say that..
I understand I have to start slow and work my way up - which makes me laugh since they always say to make sure your under doctors care before starting a program - when I asked my doctor about this he said just go slow- this is the same doctor who when I asked about buying a mountain bike for exercise he said buy a cheap one because they are always real heavy and the extra weight meant more exercise -
From reading these posts in here I am worried about being blocked - they did a dye test on me years ago - and i had a severe reaction - when they put the dye in there was just a tech in the room - when I came out of it there was five doctors in there.. they said I had an allergic reaction to it.. lol... the only part of me touching the table was my head and my heals....
I just want to thank all you people who take the time to give information and share your stories - its a blessing when you feel alone and your wondering what to do... When the doctor told me I was this bad off he didn't spend much time reassuring me at all - he had another appointment or it was lunch - because he got up while I was still trying to understand everything he had just told me and left me sitting in the exam room...
I guess I just wanted him give me something positive to hang onto - but then I found this forum and thats just what it has done for me.. so thanks - tomorrow I will get a copy of my numbers as I see others posting here and post them so I can learn more about what those numbers mean - thanks.

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