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Re: Very Low HDL
Nov 20, 2003
[QUOTE=Pellethead]Just interested ti see if anyone has any suggestions. I am a 48 year old male, 5'10" 222 pounds (just lost 20 pounds in last 2 weeks on the SB Diet) witha goal of 210. Before anyone suggests that is not low enough, last time 1 weighed 210 pounds I had way under 10% body fat. I'm one of those that the standarad height:weight chart do not apply.

My TC has been as high as 238, generally around 210. Trig about 90, can't rememebr LDL. but it was normal to high normal. However, my HDL has varied from 21 to 23. My doctor says its genetic (my 3 brothers and mother all have the same problem) and that I could run 5 miles a day and eat cardboard and HDL may rise to 25. I have started eating more oily fish. Have tried a number of statin drugs, Advicor brought my HDL's up to 31 but I started having real problems with achiness. He put me on TriCor and I have not been tested since (about 2 months). There is a history of heart disease in the family, but both my father and grandfather were heavy smokers and both died at 68. I have never smoked.

Just curious if anyone has any suggestions for rasing HDL's siginificantly. (Strangely enough my wifes HDL is over 100, so hopefully my daughters will not have my problem).

Howdy brother - I am a 48 year old - 5'9" and weigh 225. Last Friday I had blood work done and my numbers had changed from previously - my LDL was 133 and my HDL was 16 with total cholesterol at 205 - just three months ago mu LDL was 95 my HDL 29 and total 158 so of course I am now concerned-- my parents don't have cholesterol troubles but both have high blood pressure and both had heart attacks - dad at 54 and mom and 65 - they are both now 71 - My dad actually died on the table - but the brought him back - he had been on blood thinners ever since - they never did any surgery on him - two things changed for my dad on the day he had his heart attack - he quit drinking beer - and he drastically reduced his food intake - he was about 220 back then - and for all the years since he had been about 160 - he did this out of sheer will power... Never read up on anything much - never did this diet or that diet - just started eating less of everything and cut back on stuff that gave him indigestion - he has since had his gall bladder out... He still smokes two packs a day..
For myself I did not tolerate Zocor so now I am niaspan by way of doctor on 500 mg - working my way up to 1500mg per day - also started myself on omega 3 and lecithin - vitimin C - lysine - and co q 10 and a baby aspirin each day.. And I converted to veg diet - all this in just one week times.. I was on remeron and anti depressant but have found that this can mess up some peoples cholesterol - so I quit taking it - will see how that goes - the remeron caused me to gain 25 lbs in six weeks - amazing I didn't look any bigger - but getting up and out of chairs seems to be a little more taxing now... I have been walking everday about a mile to start and plan on getting a health club membership and actually get serious about this - ain't did any exercise or weights since about 1990 - in my case just to sweeten the deal I was also told x-rays indicate I have fat around my heart...

this is stuff that should be happening when your 68 not 48 - but also I understand the situation is all my fault - Heart attacks on both sides of the family - did I really think that somehow it wouldn't come home to me? - But I also believe with effort I can change the ending of the story around and maybe get 20 more years.. My dad smoked since he was 16 - and its not the heart that will finally get him - its the emphezema - he cant talk to me on the phone for longer than 15 minutes without him being winded..
I lifted a lot of weights when younger so I was not fat at 190 - but now all these years later I am fat - I would like to go down to 180 and see how much of a difference that makes - and take it from there

Hopefully both of us will get it figured out.

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