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Re: Zetia
May 28, 2004
[QUOTE=paborn]I started Zetia stand alone 6 weeks ago. One pill a day.

Just got my cholesterol values and it looks like the medication is doing its job without any noticable side effects!

Before Zetia
LDL (BAD) - 162
HDL (Good) - 59
Triglycerides - 106
Total - 242

After Zetia (six weeks)
LDL (BAD) - 116
HDL (Good) - 68
Triglycerides -105
Total - 205[/QUOTE]

Looking GOOD! :bouncing: That HDL jump is quite impressive, I don't think Zetia would do that :confused: Anyway, your beginning #s were much like mine across the board...and I have to say, with a TC/HDL ratio of 4 to begin with, I wonder if any treatment is required in the first place! Having said that, I went on Crestor. I just posted my results taking a low dose schedule alternating 5mg 4X week and 10mg 3X a week. So far, after 10 days, my total has gone from 250 (baseline) to 195 and I anticipate I should hit 170-180 in a month. You made a good choice with Zetia, since there is no effect on the opposed to Crestor. However, I've had NO symptoms on my low dosage either.

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