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Re: Zetia
Jun 5, 2004
[QUOTE=babyface]I have been taking Zetia and Fish Oil for 3 months. I had lipid profile done in after 1 month and results were:
LDL: 143
HDL: 62
TC: 242
TRIG: 187
Ratio: 3.9
SGOT: 24
SGPT: 22 (liver enzymes)

LDL: 117 :D
HDL: 61
TC: 192
TRIG: 74
Ratio: 3.1
SGOT: 36 (normal 8-33) :nono:
SGPT: 52 (normal 11-39) :nono:

My Dr states liver enzymes are high but thinks it is the Fish Oil causing the problem and not the Zetia. I'm thinking about stopping the Zetia and just relying ont the Fish Oil. Do you think it's the Fish Oil or Zetia? Also,will it damage your liver if enzymes stay elevated? Anyone out there that might give me insight?[/QUOTE]

I can't see how either Zetia or fish oil would cause liver enzyme problems :confused: . How could they? Certainly fish oil couldn't be the culprit. The fish oil brought down your high TRIGS and the Zetia brought down the TC and LDL. I guess you could drop each separetly and test the enzymes to find out.

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