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Four years ago I had my first cholesterol test (age 40). My TC was 230... I don't know what the LDH or HDL was. At the time the doctor just said to "watch it". I did loose 20 lbs and started excercising and eating better. Two years later the TC was 189. I was feeling pretty good about that, and I continued eating healthy (most of the time) and excercising daily. This month I got a post-card back from my doctor with my results...TC 217, HDL 60, LDL 97 (they didn't include my Tri). I'm disappointed my TC went up.

Here's my question. Will the food you eat a few days before your test influence your results? I had my test on Friday, but the Wed. before I ate really bad! Went out to breakfast with a friend (eggs, bacon, hashbrowns), then had pizza at the office meeting that afternoon. I did fast 12 hours before my test. I read some of the posts on this board and understand alot more than I did about cholesterol (I didn't even know which was the "good" guys and which was the "bad"). I had never heard about ratio before...TC/HDL. Mine would be that concidered okay? Thanks!

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