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[QUOTE=pcovers]Using the means by which 99% of all lipid profiles numbers are determined, the rule, not the exception, but the rule states that if trigs go down ldl goes up. No wonder studies would show this. Thre is nothing else hey could possibly show except this. Simple math:


Anyway you look at it, if trigs go down, ldl goes up...[/QUOTE]

I've seen that statement made before, but I don't see how you can come to that conclusion by just looking at a simple mathematical equation. The equation doesn't mean that if triglycerides go down that LDL must go up. HDL and total cholesterol can also change resulting in no direct correlation between LDL and triglycerides. And no studies that I am aware of support this statement either. Now LDL particle size and triglycerides are closely related, but not the total amount of LDL.

The LDL equation starts with the following equation:

Total Cholesterol = HDL + LDL + VLDL

Solving for LDL and substituting trig/5 for VLDL results in the common form of the equation shown above:

LDL = Total Cholesterol - HDL - triglycerides/5.

This equation is just used as a convienence and cost saving measure since LDL is more difficult to directly measure than the total or any of the other subcomponents.

As an example, if triglycerides went down 50 points and HDL went up 10 points and total cholesterol remained unchanged, then the LDL number would not change. And this is a fairly common response to a low carbohydrate diet (reduces triglyceride levels) that includes plenty of red meat and animal fats (natural saturated fat promotes elevated HDL levels).

Back to the LDL particle size and triglyceride connection. I have read several study abstracts on Medline and other sources that show a close correlation between low triglyceride levels (in general <100 mg/dl) and the predominate LDL particle size being the larger pattern A which is not considered harmful. And high triglyceride levels have been shown to be strongly associated with the predominate LDL size being the smaller denser pattern B with is highly subject to oxidation and most often associated with atherosclerosis. This may be related to what is happening with the fish oil/triglycerides/LDL studies. Anyone note the LDL particle size associated with the fish oil supplementation?

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