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To make a long story short. I'm 26. I had Graves Disease. Treated with radioactive iodine to ablate the thyroid. Treatment worked real well. I'm now Hypothyroid with a TSH of 53.98(normal 0.30-4.70)

My GP ran a cholesterol among other blood test for the first time. (i know that high chol and hypo are linked)My levels came back very high.

Cholersterol 300.85
Triglycerides 553.58
HDL 30.16
LDL unsuitable due to triglycerides being high
Chol/HDl ratio 9.97 (nomal below 4.40)

My questions are...
Is it normal for the cholesterol to be this high with hypo? From what i have researched they are extremly high.

Could there be another problem?
This is the first time he has ever checked them

It may take me awhile to regulate my thyroid if my cholesterol stays this high can it cause damage to my heart?

My mom had a heart attack at 50 and 9 out of 10 of her brothers have had heart attacks. Also her farther died of heart failure in his early 60's. So you can see my concern with such a high familly history. Any advice would be helpfull.

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