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[QUOTE=delrae4753]actually my father live to be 74 and my gradfather was 96 at his passing[/QUOTE]
OK, Del, this is what I have read before also, that people who have a very high level of cholesterol, (I know your problem is triglycerides), where it is a genetic problem, it often does not effect the lifespan. We are talking very high, in 600 and above range. I know in some cases this is not true, but in families where everyone is high and the lifespans are normal, I would not worry as much. So you want to improve your numbers if you can, but you don't want to risk your health to do it! I would continue to work closely with your doctor, especially since there is a genetic problem and you are so high. You know, you could try Atkins methods to reduce triglycerides without being on the Atkins diet. I don't think it would hurt you to skip breads and sugar and rice and potatoes for a couple of weeks before a blood test just to see if it helped. Still eat your fruit and vegies and normal meat and fish intake. I was in the high normal range on the blood sugar, 123, and doing this it dropped every day. I try and keep it in the 80's, this is easier to do for my wife, hers stays in the 66 to 80 range following that diet. She now eats some fruit first thing in the am before her walk to protect against low blood sugar, and we both have been able to add back toast and an occasional potato. Good luck! Joe

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