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[QUOTE=rainonwindow]Is there a limit to how high the total cholesterol can be if the ratio is good?[/QUOTE]

I have a total cholesterol of 241 and HDL is 64 which gives me a ratio of 3.8. Ratio should be below 5.0 for men and 4.0 for women. Greater is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease. Technically, I'm fine but is this really true? A total cholesterol should be between 100 - 200 and I'm well above this at 241. What about someone with a total cholesterol of 300 and HDL at 75. This would be a 4.0 ratio which is good. Should I be focusing on HDL instead of total cholesterol? I'm not certain whether I should be concerned about the 241 based on my high HDL. My LDL is 150 (range is 75-129). Should this be a concern if my ratio is 3.8? Triglycerides is fine at 136 (range is 55-200).

I haven't answered your question. I just don't know. I find it all very confusing.
I hope others respond.
Apparently satisfactory ratios are not quite good enough, at least for some docs. I had HDL of 70 (which I thought was phenomenal) with too high LDL and TC and ok Trigs but doctor still wanted Total and LDL lower, much lower. To quote him, "the lower the better".

Not sure this stuff is an exact science nor do I think the theories are applied the same in all cases.

Yor ratio is good and your LDL's are somewhat high. That's it in a nutshell.
You shouldn't WORRY but by the same token a ratio like yours would be far better with an LDL of 100.

It reminds me of some diet boards (primarily low-carb) when somebody will tumpet in their signature line TRIG=50...or HDL= 70 (while never mentioning a TC of 290 or LDL of 200).

All just to say don't go just by one number. (If only because the wondrous medical profession might declare next year that THAT particular number has been shown to have REALLY no significance. :D)

So the ideal is an excellent ratio, a good LDL, little irritating homocysteine in a non infammatory picture demonstrated by low C-reactive protein, with low circulating glycerides....and maybe even a demonstrably healthy angiograph!

Oh yeah, and heart-disease-free parents (who are 100 eyars old! :bouncing: )

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