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I would not take a statin since you are healthy. Your Triglyceride to HDL level is excellent. I wrote the NIH about how the percentages given in cholesterol studies are not accurate. In the WOSCOPS study of healthy people with high cholesterol, it says that deaths from all causes were reduced by 22 percent by taking a stain drug. This is incorrect, it was reduced by less than one percent. The NIH said I was correct, but the study used a special math model that they could not explain. Here are the figures, divide yourself and see if you agree! There were 3302 people in the study that were treated with a statin drug, and 106 deaths in that group. That is 3.2 percent of the group that died. There were 3293 people that did not get a statin drug and 135 of them died. That is 4.1 percent of the group. This is in a 4 1/2 year period, and the total decrease in deaths from any cause was .9 percent. They use the same method to figure percentages in the other studies too, and in my mind, it is very misleading.
Also, do you want to lower total cholesterol when you have a healthy Triglyceride to HDL level? Total cholesterol is needed by every cell in the body. It is regulated by the body. The Framingham study showed a higher death rate with decreased cholesterol levels! ("Cholesterol and mortality. 30 years of follow-up from the Framingham study. Anderson KM, Castelli WP, Levy D. "). Their study showed this, but it goes against accepted doctrine, so they ignored it except to say "After age 50 years there is no increased overall mortality with either high or low serum cholesterol levels." It appears to me that the data also shows an increased death rate in people under 50, but they say the data "suggest that having a very low cholesterol level improves longevity". This is what they wanted to show, so why do they say it suggests? Not very conclusive data for their theory, but very conclusive for a higher death rate with decreased cholesterol. "there is a direct association between fallling cholesterol levels over the first 14 years and mortality over the following 18 years (11% overall and 14% CVD death rate increase per 1 mg/dl per year drop in cholesterol levels.)" Look it up and read it and decide for yourself. I think the reasearchers are too hung up in proving old theories and disregarding their own data, instead of following the data and making new discoveries. Joe

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