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Re: New to Crestor
Dec 6, 2003

Everybody has his own response to the statins. Best you can do is try them and regularly test your liver for enzyme irregularities (often at first and then annually)
and keep an eye for severe muscle and joint pain. If pain develops go to doc and have a serum phosphokinase (CK or CPK) run to see if there's any sign of muscle damage (shabdomyolysis (very rare though.) First liver test should be next week for you.

Aches and pains without damage is much more common. Basically itt comes down to: if it hurts too much, stop the statin and see if the pain goes away.

Really, like the old "Doctor, Doctor, it hurts when I do this joke!"
punch line: "Then don't do it!"

I've been on lipitor 4 years- excellent bloodwork.....but I get my share of aches. Not enough to risk going back to foot-in-the-grave cholesterol numbers though.

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