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Ok, it wasn't the Physicians Health Study (hey, there were only 190+ publications as a result of that study), but the Boston Area Health Study that I was thinking of (in defense of my not so great memory, that study did reference the Physicians Health Study). Anyway, here is a link to the study published in Circulation in 1997:


From the link:

"Data on the risk of MI by quartile of TG/HDL are presented in Table 5. Compared with those in the lowest, those in the highest quartile had a 16.0-fold increased risk of MI (95% CI=7.7 to 33.1; P for trend across quartiles <.001) after multivariate adjustment. Stepwise logistic regression was also used to assess the predictive value of the TG/HDL ratio compared with LDL/HDL (previously the strongest lipid predictor of risk of MI in this data set) and total cholesterol/HDL. Although all three remained highly significant independent predictors, triglyceride/HDL entered first."


"Our data are consistent with earlier reports that elevated fasting TG levels are strongly associated with risk of MI."

That study has also been cited in many other medical journal articles.

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