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I'll believe the Atkins' funded large studies when I see them. I too have read the boilerplate news releases and there is a HUGE difference between education and and research. Education is often a catchphrase for advertising! Giving doctors tens of thousands to appear on Sally Jesse Raphael doesn't cut the mustard.

I've heard about the huge funded studies of about 2 years ago that just never seemed to happen.

Same old blah-blah about the dozen epileptics on a ketogenic diet and the silly Duke study which doesn't pass muster.

Put 2000 people on an isocaloric diet high carb-low fat and 2000 on the same calories low carb high fat and follow them 5 years measuring weight, lipids, survival.....THAT'S a study you'll never get it from Atkins- just another 16 posthumous books!

Atkins Nutritionals promised something akin to that and never delivered.
[QUOTE=pcovers]I appreciate the dialog and interaction. I don't think there is much to disagree about.

Now reducing it from 20 in 500 to 15 in 500 for those taking the experimental drug gives us the following odds:

Pcovers, how can you asume that those taking the experimental drug would have had 20 deaths if they had not been treated? Are you assuming that just because the untreated group had 20 deaths per 500, that every group of 500 that is untreated would have 20 deaths? That is highly unlikely. There is a one percent difference in deaths between the two groups in your example, and that is considered not statistically significant, it can be due to chance. Joe

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