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Hi everybody,
Well I had that discussion with my Doctor today. He told me to get started on Diet control and Excercise to get the numbers down or he will have to put me on medications.

Here are the numbers: TC - 217; LDL - 145; TriGlyc - 140 Lip - 217

I am from India and White Rice is my primary food item. Have not done excercise in the past. Other food habits are Pizza about 2 times a month, 4-6 eggs a week on the avg., Soy Milk (lactose problem) daily and Iced Tea about 4 cups a day. Lot of fried Stuff. I do not smoke or drink. I am about 5'11" and 176lb.

I have read thru some of the articles here. I am thinking of the following plan. I am requesting your opinions and suggestions please.

Excercise - Walking abt 30min/day - two to three times a week.
Fish oil (1000mg ) - Liquid form


Cut down on Rice. Don't eat much bread right now so I don't think that is an issue.

Add Oats. -- Suggestions on brands/types ??

How about Pizza do I need to cut it off completely.

Any other additional stuff I should take?

thank you for your time

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