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I read at the site that lipitor is "Lipitor is not for everyone including those with liver disease or possible liver problems..."

I am asking this because i had fatty liver and elevated SGPT/ALT levels which are normalized. But my doc despite knowing this prescribed me lipiget (its basically a different brandname under which lipitor is marketed in my country). Does lipitor cause liver problems?

Also there are many side effects of lipitor, some of them very dangerous like the muscle damaging one. I need the feedback of old lipitor users in order to gauge its safety. Though i am already using it (4 days) i am still very anxious and concerned.

Any help i nthis regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanks :)

All you can do is to check your liver enzymes regularly to judge the effect of the atorvastatin.

Check the CPK (creatine phosphokinase) level if you get any muscle pain!

You simply cannot judge by the effect it's had on others whether you will or won't have difficulty.
What you CAN count on, however is a drastic lowering of LDL cholesterol!

Have all the tests done at 30 days with one blood draw and it will tell you far more than anyone here can!

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