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Here is my experience with Policosanol. I'd been taking Zocor on and off for 2-3 years. I took 20mg Zocor religiously from Oct 2002 through July 2003. It did get my cholesterol below 200, however, I started getting muscle pains that progressively got worse. I quit Zocor on Aug 7 and it took at least 2 months to get of the pain. After quitting Zocor, I started taking CoQ10 to get rid of pain and then learnt about Policosanol. I started taking the Policosonal 10-15 mg in early Sept and was depressed when I got the test results in mid-Nov - TC 311, HDL 50, LDL 212, VLDL 52, Trig 260. I do realize that Policosanol does not work for everyone, but I still wanted to give it another shot. At this time I changed my approach to a different brand that uses Lesstanol brand Policosanol. The brand I chose is the Pure Encapsulations 20 mg. Here is what I've been taking since mid-November:

Pure Encapsulations Policosanol 20mg w/dinner
Take Control butter 1-1.5 tsp w/dinner
Betasitosterol 300mg w/dinner
COQ10 - 50mg w/dinner (don't think it reduces cholesterol)
Psyllium fiber (2 tsp) w/lunch (Equate Brand)

I checked my total cholesterol on Jan 10 with Cholestrak carefully following the directions and it was 208. I really hope this is correct. I'll be getting the complete lipids profile done in a couple of weeks to confirm the results. Hope this helps.



Any new, updated news on Policosanol these days from anybody? Did anyone ever get good results from taking Policosanol?

Last May (2003) my doctor scared me into taking Lipitor until the day I died, and I said no way. I was going to try other "means' to lower my choloesterol. I never tell any doctor that I will try natural, alternative supplements, they HATE to hear that. To them, everything is drugs, drugs, drugs! My total TC was 225. HDL is 38, LDL is 166,
ratio TC/HDL is least my trigs are good at 106

Blood pressure was 122/85, if that comes into play here...

So, I tried for 4 months faithfully using Policosanol thereafter, and then I stopped since I heard it was almost useless by so many people. I never did get my Cholesterol no#s checked. That was back in September, when I stopped taking this expensive supplement!

Any new fresh info from anyone? I still got 1/2 box of Policosanol in the cupboard unused. :rolleyes:


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