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ive been using total control magarine to help lower my LDL for about 2 years..its dropped from 179 to about 150 (trying to get it lower)..ive always felt that margarine was really bad and never used it, but along with dietery changes my numbers have does everyone feel about these products that contain plant esters?
Good morning patric,

I have always shared your fear of margerine. In my case I'll add HATRED because of the repulsive taste and mouthfeel (like Crisco...same thing actually). In the past I'd have only used it to lube a front end or for insanely wild sex:D:D.
In my frat house I even carried a stick of butter with me to the table because of my repulsion to the margerine- cheapest generic made if memory serves. Turns out that all those trans fats were clogging arteries of all the people trying to be healthy....a tragic development!

I'm fidddling with a change though. I'm nearly through with my first tub of Smart Beat (Smart Balance line). The taste is quite TOLERABLE, if not a smidge better than that. It's a water-canola oil whip that has only 20% of the fat and calories of butter or matgerine and has ZERO trans fats. I have a freezer full of $.99 butter...but at sub- zero, that's where it will stay. I'll stick with the Smart Balance and only with a rare loaf of freshly baked French (or italian) bread will I pull out a stick of butter.

I've tasted Benechol and COULD eat it (and I DO think it's healthy, or at least not harmful,) but I'd NEVER pay those prices. I know NADA about Total Control.
Give Smart Beat a try!
I just finished my first tub of Benecol. I liked the taste and it lasted quite a while, but I figure if I am going to get any benefit from it, I need to eat a lot more. So I switched to Smart Beat. Can't say much for the taste, but the price is right and I can eat as little as I want and get no trans fatty acids.
Benecol has partially hydrogenated soybean oil in it as a main ingredient. It also has artifical flavors, and syntheric vitamin e added. It has 80 calories in 1 tbsp and 9 grams of fat.

Smart Balance is a soy,palm,canola,and olive oil blend. The palm and olive isn't too bad, but the soy and canola are processed at very high temps and then deodorized (very scarey). It also has artifical flavors and synthetic vit a and vit e added. If this product and the benecol were so "healthy" then how come it has to add vitamins to it? It has 80 calories per tbsp and 9 grams of fat.

Hotel Bar Butter has only 2 ingredients. Cream and salt. It has 100 claories in one tbsp and 11 grams of fat.

Organic butter
11 grams of fat ingredients organic sweet cream and microbial culture.100 calories.

Soooooo for 20 calories and 2 grams more of fat isn't it healthier to get a product that has vitamin e in it naturally and vitamin d for that matter. How about no manmade ingredients, just ingredients that come from nature. No "artifical" flavors.

The argument probably will be that butter has more saturated fat,, and yes this is true but saturated fat is healtheir for you than any polyunsaturated fat is. Saturated fat does not cause high cholesterol. :bouncing:
saturated fats don't cause high cholesterol? Great! Now I am really confused! I have been watching saturated like a hawk. With so much information coming and going, me being confused is nothing new.

I have had the battle of the butters in my mind too. I think whole food is the way to go, but i have benecol in the fridge right now. expensive. Check out, I believe, he is into whole foods. He is a physician-chef. He can answer your questions too, as well as recipies.
Whole foods is absolutely the way to go!! Check out the Weston Price Foundation and you can learn something about saturated fats, and overall nutrition. :angel:
I have always loved butter and cream, lost weight with Atkins 3 times, beginning in 1973 and had a 98% coronary blockage stented last week. My mother often drank/craved straight half and half and died of slowly progressive multiple coronary artery blockages (nearly all of them )

I learned firsthand that maybe the saturated fats SHOULD be lowered to 10% of calories as most nutritionists recommend. I learned this fact late (1/5/2004) at an age that puts me on the Golden Boards....but bettter late than never. I'd NEVER dream of eating a 50, 60, or 70% fat diet again...mostly saturated!

SmartBeat (same company as Smart Balance) has 2 fat compontents in the first 3 ingredients: water, liquid canola, and partially saturated soy. Since the fat total is 2 grams, the soy component must be less than a much less, I'll find out. Canola has arguably the healthiest lipid profile of all the edible oils by current standards.

Trans fats are actually lower with SmartBeat (0 g.)than butter (.5 g.)

The caloric difference (20 vs. 100/T.) is also important to me (I'm counting religiously to stay below 2000/day)...I've lost 8 pounds this year! And it's nice to spread the stuff on toast without being too worried about the precise amount...

Though I admit, butter tastes FAR better:D!
Try the new Heart Wise orange juice by minutemaid - same ingredient as Benecol. Requires (2) 8 oz. glasses/day for 10-15% reduction in cholesterol. Priced same as regular minutemaid!

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