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... Hello folks, I'm posting here because my Doctor wants me on Lipitor for high LDL but if possible I would rather go the diet route. Not asking anyone to contradict my Doctor, but is it possible diet is playing a role? ... (3 replies)
... This is what I would recommend for your husband. Cut back on all grain products and totaly eliminate wheat from his diet. Try a low carb diet and shoot to get those TGs down into the 70s or lower. Once that happens I'll bet he will see a significant improvement in particle size. Have a Vitamin d blood check done if it is not at an optimal level then supplement or get enough... (4 replies)
... My husband has had two lipid profiiles within three months. They are as follows: First /Second-after 3 months TC 240/244 TG 88/143 HDL 44/48 Chol/hdl -c ratio 5.5/5.1 LDL/hdl ratio4.0/3.5 vldl 17/28 LDL-P 1991/2246 small ldl-p 1644/1917 (4 replies)

Dash Diet
May 13, 2004
... The thing to keep in mind is that on a low fat diet, you won't have as high HDL, but you won't have a high LDL either based on what I see of your numbers. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks Tess and 40YoFemale ... I have an appointment with the doctor in 10 days, and I am going to ask him to postpone the Statin and tell him about my diet. Hopefully he will go along with that. :) (3 replies)
... Your doc is only looking at one number. When your ratios are figured, which is more relevant, I see no reason for you to use a Statin. Your HDL, LDL and Trigs are all under the values that are considered risky. If it was a choice between reducing carbs and taking a statin I would opt for carb reduction. ... (3 replies)
... My husbands results VERY considerably between being tested at Work with one of those box type testers to being tested by blood a week later (I mentioend this to the lady who does the testing at work & she said HDL can change considerably day to day?? Is this true?). Ok, Testing at work: (these results are from virtually no meds 2 months ago-sometimes he took an occasional... (12 replies)
... I am thin and in menopause the doc thinks. had my levels checked and they are elevated 221 and LDL 143 Am worried. My diet is not bad-they want me to do a diet thing to fix this. In the past I have had thyroid things going on and stomach problems-is this all related? (1 replies)
... WE get our meds from Caremark so I doubt if they are counterfeit. I cannot find his specific numbers before the Zetia anywhere. I just remember the total was 356. I did find the numbers after the Zetia: Total: 143, LDL 62 HDL 63 TRI 88. (4 replies)
... lbs. I recently went to the doctor for a checkup. My total cholesterol was 143 , LDL was 172. They rang me to tell me to go on vytorin straight away. No mention of diet and exercise. ... (10 replies)
... LDL 143 but my HDL slid down in the 30's and trigs up to about 183..NOT good. Can't remember the exact numbers, but that was the range. Hubby has always had low TC... ... (61 replies)
... w, it cannot be excluded that effectiveness may be even greater. Daily doses of 10 mg of policosanol have been shown to be equally effective in lowering total or LDL cholesterol as the same dose of simvastatin or pravastatin. Triglyceride levels are not influenced by policosanol. ... (44 replies)
... (I was off in some of my figures when I quoted them in original post)....I just dug out the Accual figures from Before he started Vytorin .... and after doing that for 3 months cutting them in half........ First I want to say , my husband is very very thin, only weighs about 140 & average height, he does eat the eggs, 1% milk, not a vegeterian, we rarely eat out, most... (26 replies)
... If we look at the numbers that make up your total cholesterol, the only one that is out of line is your LDL. And at 143, it is only borderline high anyway. The TC/HDL ratio, which apparently is the best indicator of heart disease risk, is only 2.9. Anything under 4.5 is considered safe. So could your doctor be over-reacting? Cheers, Mark :) (21 replies)
... I agree that now that you have been diagnosed with CAD, you need to keep your LDL low... ... (9 replies)
... in LDL lowering... ... (3 replies)
... I have always had borderline cholesterol but the doctors have never suggested I take a statin (yet). My history is as follows: Sometime prior to 1998 (don't have the date on this test) TC 243 HDL 49 LDL 170 Tri 118 1998 TC 207 (22 replies)
High Tri's
Jul 12, 2007
... Feb Total C 235 HDL 42.6 LDL 166.4 Trig 131 Ratio 5. ... (14 replies)
... That would give a much closer 146 total. Also a MUCH better LDL of 89. ... (8 replies)
Mar 5, 2005
... at the heart disease probability decreases with it. I think the general public is getting the wrong kind of information when we oversimplify things and say that LDL is "bad cholesterol" and HDL is "good." We need both in order to function well, and they play critical roles. ... (15 replies)

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