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... mg because it was resulting in elevated bilirubin and wreaking havoc on my hepatic panel. I expected to lose the benefit to my HDL by having it drop, and for my LDL to go up some. ... (12 replies)
... but I cannot stop thinking that maybe , just maybe I could further lower my numbers with deeper lifestyle changes. I also read that it is common to have high LDL and triglycerides while dieting to lose weight, so do not know what to think of that. ... (3 replies)
... I think I will take RYR every night at bedtime and see if I can get that LDL down in the low 100's. I'll report back. ... (7 replies)

... Feb Total C 235 HDL 42.6 LDL 166.4 TRIG 131 Ratio 5. ... (15 replies)
New numbers
Jun 19, 2007
... Just had some blood work done and they went ahead and tested my cholesterol again here are the new numbers: Total-223 HDL-53 LDL-143 TRI-78 (10 replies)
... So I finally got my blood results in the mail today. Cholesterol total 247 should be tween 100-199 Triglycerdies 209 should be tween 0-199 HDL 78 should be 40-59 VLDL 42 should be tween 5-40 LDL 127 should be tween 0-99 AND my T3 uptake 20 should be tween 24-39 Last month results were (8 replies)
... I agree. It looks like the LDL would be 89. I think the first three numbers are correct and someone calculated the LDL incorrectly. The 143 would also be correct. I know my lab sends the report without calculating the LDL and leaves that up to the doctor. ... (8 replies)
... Yes, the diet could play a role in the higher test results especially prior to the test. I would think, and so do experts that you should concentrate more on raising the HDL. Statins are not know to increase HDL, and in fact can lower them. (8 replies)
... and because of the higher LDL Doc wants to up Provachol from 10 mg to 20. I have tolerated the 10 mg dose all right... ... (8 replies)
New results...
May 24, 2005
... Don't forget that LDL is not measured directly, the lab uses a formula. ... (15 replies)
Good Report
May 20, 2005
... I started taking Lipitor about five weeks ago after finding out that my LDL was 178 and my HDL was 43. I had my bloodwork done yesterday and found out today that my LDL was 103 and my HDL was 48. ... (1 replies)
... I continue the Low GI diet but between the two readings, I started taking fish oil before bedtime and I have lost another 10 pound. Lowering the LDL seems to be a good thing, but I hate that the HDL lowered also. ... (7 replies)
Jun 5, 2004
... I can't see how either Zetia or fish oil would cause liver enzyme problems :confused: . How could they? Certainly fish oil couldn't be the culprit. The fish oil brought down your high TRIGS and the Zetia brought down the TC and LDL. I guess you could drop each separetly and test the enzymes to find out. (28 replies)
Aug 8, 2003
... If you look at my 2nd lipoprofile, with my cholesterol in the 102 range or so...there my LDL was 51, HDL 44, and I was on 1500 mg Niaspan. ... (6 replies)
... I had mentioned that I would post my latest lipoprofile results. I have also worked up my last 1.5 years of blood profiles, pre- and post- MI for those interested. In summary, I have discovered that by weight loss and exercise I have been able to come off of all prescription meds (minus the zyrtec for allergies). I have reversed type II diabetes. The most significant... (17 replies)
Plaque buildup
Jul 29, 2003
... blockage. At that time, my cholesterol hovered in the 190s total, LDL in the 20s, and TGs in the 100 range. ... (10 replies)
... After Zetia avg shows a reduction in Total, Trigs, LDL and an increase in HDL. ... (34 replies)
... Vasov--To convert cholesterol values from mmol/l to mg/dl, you simply divide by .0259. To convert the triglyceride fraction, you divide by .0113. Your husbands values in mg/dl would be: TC 212 HDL 62 LDL 135 Trig 80 TC/HDL 3.4 (4 replies)
Results are In
May 3, 2001
... Hi! I picked up my lab results in preparation for my physical tomorrow. I started on 5 mg lipitor in September, increased to 10 mg in October and have continued on 10mg since then, for about 6 months. The numbers in parenthesis are my last lab values. TC: 181 (195) Before lipitor 231 HDL: 52 (48) Before lipitor 43,39,26 LDL: 86 (114) Before lipitor 152,143 C/HDL... (5 replies)
Apr 22, 2001
... My numbers are almost identical to yours. After 2 years on a low fat "heart healthy" diet my LDL went from 143 to 152. I did get my HDL up to 45, probably through exercise. I added estrogen but it didn't make much of a difference. ... (1 replies)

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