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... I smell a pissing contest :D ....did you mean better than mine? hehehe>>>>>>TC 143..HDL 74...LDL 54...TRIGS 74. (38 replies)
... That would be an interesting study. The reason why Totals of 150 are "game over" is because in 90% of the cases, the resulting LDLs are better than 90 anyway ( Example:using Total 150 with *low* HDL of 40 and Trigs of 100= LDL 90). Im lovin my new found Total of 143 :D (38 replies)
Jun 5, 2004
... I have been taking Zetia and Fish Oil for 3 months. I had lipid profile done in after 1 month and results were: BEFORE Zetia LDL: 143 HDL: 62 TC: 242 TRIG: 187 Ratio: 3.9 ... (28 replies)

Need some help
Oct 23, 2003
... Hi, I am new to this board and need some help. I am so confused and upset. In July these were my numbers TC 224 TRI 180 HDL 44 LDL 144 Blood Sugar 87 Potassium 4.3 Hemoglobin 13.2 I have no idea what the last three mean really. Anyway, I was told to go on a strict low cholesterol diet and put on Xenical. I was told that in addition to some weight loss, this medication... (5 replies)
... I think you have reason to be happy about your numbers. Zetia is proven to lower TC and LDL and usually offers a slight increase in HDL. This is why I think your HDL may not be quite accurate in this particular reading. ... (21 replies)
High LP(a)
Jun 5, 2003
... With respect to your hs-CRP, the first thing I would try, if you don't do this already, is adding an aspirin per day to your regimen. If you aren't taking folic acid (plus a B complex), I would recommend that also, even without finding out where your homocysteine is at...adding some fish oil/incorporating fresh fish in your diet would not hurt either. Others will probably... (3 replies)
New Numbers...
Aug 6, 2002
... Well they aren't great by any means, but they are better then last time. Dr. asked me if I was doing anything different then last time and I told her I just cut back a bit more on my carbs., & eat oatmeal each morning. Naturally she would like to shove me on something for the cholesterol, but knowing my lousy side effects, just told me to keep doing what I'm doing, as at least... (3 replies)
Are these ok?
Feb 26, 2002
... total cholestorol 221(ref is 200) triglycerides 115(ref 30-200) hdl 55(ref 32-96) ldl 143(ref is 130) chol?hdl ratio 4.02(ref 1.00-4.40) ldl/hdl ratio 2.60 no ref range At the time I had this done I had to have my bowel cleaned out-I have trouble with constipation and my bowel was not cleaned out all the way. If it was would my levels be better. They want me to diet and... (0 replies)
... I have to agree that reducing saturated fat in one's diet does not always lead to reduced cholesterol. I did it for 2 years and my LDL went from 143 to 152! ... (26 replies)
... g my first blood work I had to get another test for my life insurance. I just got the results yesterday and they are worse! My HDL remained the same at 49 but my LDL shot up from 165 to 170 and my TC from 243 to 255. My Tris also went up from 143 to 176! ... (9 replies)
... I think you should tell your doctor about the binge eating. It sounds like it is possibly relevant to the cholesterol situation. If nothing else, it sounds like something your doctor should know about. (3 replies)
... Hello. I am a 39 year old female. I had my cholesterol tested last week because my dad, who died from heart failure in 2002, had very high cholesterol because of familial hypercholesterolaemia. I am always worried that I might have inherited this, but so far my results have normally been on the higher side of normal. This time, however, my results were slightly outside... (0 replies)
... My Lipid Profile Readings are: Total Cholesterol: 143 HDL Direct: 34 TGL: 194 LDL Direct: 62 I understand both HDL and TGL are not OK. What are the suggestions for me? H.S. Kukreja (Age: 54) (1 replies)
... Hi everyone, I'm a 27 year old female. I have had 3 blood tests in the past year and all have come back with Hypochromia but without low iron count (143 on the last analysis). I also have low blood sugar (53), high cholesterol at 265 (HDL 40, LDL 199), trig at 128, high uric acid (6.9) and low folic acid (which dropped drastically from the last analysis: 6 in February... (1 replies)
... My husband is a very healthy and active 28 year old, but no matter what he does, his cholesterol is still high. Our doctor doesn't want to put him on medication because of his age, but he's getting really frustrated that everytime he has it checked (every 6 mos), it's the same or just a few points lower and the doctor tells him the same things to do over and over. He goes to... (1 replies)
... The formula is TC = LDL + HDL + Tri's/5 . So your total cholesterol works out as 143.6 + 63 + 47/5 = 216 My understanding is that the higher HDL, is the better. So an HDL of 63 is very good. Its just higher than "normal". And your risk ratio 3.4 is good too. Mark :) (8 replies)
... I have a lipid panel from Fall 2006 that I want to take to my new doc's appt. in a couple of days. I have no clue how the math works. Here it is: Chol: 216 (H) Borderline High is 201-239 Trig 47 (OK) Pref: <150 HDL 63 (H) Pref: 35-60 LDL 143.6 (H) Pref: <130 (8 replies)
... My husband is 42 yrs, he is already too skinny, he does not eat alot of fat , not too bad of a diet and he can not get his cholesterol down, a 2nd test in 6 months came out..... His # is 235, LDL is 143, HDL is 41, and Tri's used to be 160 (6 months ago) but jumped up to 253. What would cause Tri's to jump up in 6 months? His Doctor made me make an appointment and I KNOW... (14 replies)
... I have been on pravachol 20 mg for 6 years my lab today was trig 52 total chol 143 hdl 58 ldl 75 chol/hdlc ratio 2.5 bad part was i had a ebct calcium score test i scored very bad only 1 percent scored higher my nuber was close to 700 my thallium stress test was good. doc wants to switch me from pravchol to crestor any reason i should/shouldnt is one better then the... (8 replies)
... Absolutely! (21 replies)

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