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[QUOTE=suzyshop1]I researched the blood tests he wants done,and some of them are for muscle damage or liver damage.I had tests done to see if it was a gall bladder problem but they came back negative.The doctor wants me too see a gall bladder surgeon.I did find research to the effect that gall bladder problems can raise your liver enzymes.What im most worried about is that im still taking the zocor.I wonder which is it thats raising my liver enzyme levels.A digestve problem or the medication.The doctors take so long to setup appts.Im wondering how long do your liver enzymes have to be elevated before they cause a problem thats irreversible.I mean a matter of days wouldnt make much difference would it?Ive been having blood tests off and on for about 10 months and the doctors never mentioned to me anything about elevated liver enzymes.Would most doctors just not mention that fact as worthry of attention?All replies welcomed.[/QUOTE]

Don't worry so much- let your doctors do that for you (like THAT ever works :rolleyes: ). I'm confused- Why does the doctor want you to see a gall bladder surgeon if "all the gall bladder tests came out ok." If you walk into the office of most gall bladder surgeons, you'll walk out without a gall bladder...that's how they make a living. Did the GB tests include an x-ray with dye or an echocardiogram or better yet, an MRI?

Liver Enzymes: with any liver or gall bladder problem the enzymes will be elevated. With serious statin problems they'll be throught the ROOF. The muscle damage blood test is the CPK (creatine kinase). This checks for the DREADFULLY serious possibility...rhabdomyolysis, very rare but potentially fatal and the reason for Baychol being pulled of the market several years ago.

Here's my gilt edged gall bladder test. First thing in the morning have eggs and[b] 1/2 pound of very UNcrisp bacon[/b] (no toast)...leave it very fatty. With a stony or inflamed (usually both) gall bladder you'll get waves of pain within an hour with a few minutes of relief between them. If you don;t get them from this gall bladder insult, your GB is fine. If you DO, there are unsurgical options for you if you wish. Search for "liver gall bladder flush" on the web and see a TON of information. I use a flush regularly...well at least annually!

Just mention your concern abut the statins to your MD but seems that he, like I, don't think they're implicated.

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