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[QUOTE=pasdetrois]I've been diagnosed with high cholesterol for the first time. If I attempt to reduce it with proper diet and exercise, how soon might I expect results? Is it a matter of weeks or months? I'm trying to decide whether to take the Lipitor my doc prescribed for me. I am eating the recommended amount of oatmeal each day. Thanks![/QUOTE]

Best that I can tell pasdetrois, from my own experience with changes in diet and lifestyle:

Lowering LDL and total cholesterol, some improvement will be seen within weeks, perhaps days once you start the changes in your diet (particularly reducing all portions, especially fats and carbs). The effect on glucose will be seen within days once you put yourself in a diet that has a calorie deficit. Triglycerides will drop quickly if you reduce the amount of carbs that you take in, and they will slowly continue to decrease as you continue to exercise, maintain the same diet and reduce your body fat composition. My triglycerides stabilized after about 3 months. The HDL takes a little bit longer to build up, with the full effect sometimes taken 8 months to a year to observe. Much of this benefit, in my case, came from maintained exercise over the entire period of time.

I have found that my lipid profiles always have better ratios when I am going through periods of weight reduction (calorie deficits) compared to periods where I am in a slow weight gain.

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