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[QUOTE=pasdetrois]I've been diagnosed with high cholesterol for the first time. If I attempt to reduce it with proper diet and exercise, how soon might I expect results? Is it a matter of weeks or months? I'm trying to decide whether to take the Lipitor my doc prescribed for me. I am eating the recommended amount of oatmeal each day. Thanks![/QUOTE]

Hi Pastetrois,
I was diagnosed with high cholesterol a little over a month ago. I'm 36 years old 5' 11" 150 lbs.Total was 247,hdl 41,ldl 201, tri 71.I was told that I needed statins.My Dr. immediately prescribed me Crestor 10 mg. I went back last week (month later) and my results are total 135,hdl 48,ldl 72.I was thrilled with the new results but not thrilled that I needed to be on the statin for the rest of my life.Although the Crestor did make a difference,I want to get off the statin and try the natural approach.I hope I can do it without the pill. Goodluck with what ever route you decide.

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