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[QUOTE=zip2play]Just for the record Lipitor has been shown to lower triglycerides from 19% (10mg) to 37% (80 mg.)...not miraculous but significant nonetheless.

Zip is right here, but more studies have been done for Type III's...elevated trigs above 500.

[U]% reduction[/U]
80mg dose TC -44.4, TG -51.8

160 mg dose TC -13.8, TG -54.5

As you can see lipitor does a good job of getting both TC and TG's down. Tricor more so for just TG's...but tricor is not a statin...its a fenofibrate.

[COLOR=Red][B]All of this data can typically be found on the drugs website. Look for "Prescribing information"...should be a PDF document. It will have documented reduction precentages. [/B] [/COLOR]

Hope this helps

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