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Like many of you, I have high triglicerides also (2200 when left alone in a normal american cultural atmosphere). I also have a cholesterol level of 700. I am hieght / wt. proportionate. So - for the vast majority of you reding this, your 250 is pretty nice and I'll trade with ya. I was referred to an endocronologist who diagnosed my condition as familial.

He said that people like me are unique and forget anything that we see on TV as an Olympian diet and workout will do virtually nothing for the cholesterol, statins are the only choice. He was right. With Zocor (lipitor & others I reacted to) and red yeast rice I have gotten it down to 170-280.

The high triglicerides are the toughest though for me. I have tried low fat, low carb, low meat etc. What works for me on the trigs are virtually no carbs, ample excersize and avoid sugar. I have gotten the trigs as low as 111, but that is only with very strict adherence to diet & excersize.

There seems to be a lot of anxiety here as to the high chol. & trig. #'s that are posted from members. Lets all remember that it was the guy with perfect cholesterol #'s that got ran over by a bus last week and we are still alive.

Hoping this helps some of you.

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