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[QUOTE=Kathy05]I'm new here but there seems to be a wealth of information available from you triglycerides are really high, like 968 on my last test. Before that they were 550. Can someone tell me, relatively speaking, how high that is?

I am beginning to go on a low carb diet and take 10mg Lipitor/day. Can anyone recommend anything else to bring these down?



Lipator does not lower trigs. The drug that does is Tricor but that does not touch cholesterol. My wife tried both and although the tricor did lower the trigs she had to stop all drugs because of gall stones that was discovered,. I recommend that anyone taking statins have their gall bladder checked with ultra sound to see if there are gall stones. So with that we switched to the Inositol type niacin and it works better because it lowers both trigs and cholesterol and raised HDL
Big Al
[QUOTE=zip2play]Just for the record Lipitor has been shown to lower triglycerides from 19% (10mg) to 37% (80 mg.)...not miraculous but significant nonetheless.

Zip is right here, but more studies have been done for Type III's...elevated trigs above 500.

[U]% reduction[/U]
80mg dose TC -44.4, TG -51.8

160 mg dose TC -13.8, TG -54.5

As you can see lipitor does a good job of getting both TC and TG's down. Tricor more so for just TG's...but tricor is not a statin...its a fenofibrate.

[COLOR=Red][B]All of this data can typically be found on the drugs website. Look for "Prescribing information"...should be a PDF document. It will have documented reduction precentages. [/B] [/COLOR]

Hope this helps

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