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jim's girl,

This is how total cholesterol is calculated:

TC= LDL + HDL + (Triglycerides/5)

It may not be an exact science, but the assumption is that 20% of your triglyceride count consists of VLDL cholesterol, which is then added to your total.

In regard to low-fat diets, I suppose that a good cook can whip up something that tastes pretty good. But what do I know about cooking? All I know how to do is make eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, and put together a brown-bag lunch to take with me to work.

The problem I find with many low-fat products on the shelf is that they tend to be loaded up with extra sodium and sugar. I guess this is done to make them taste better, since most of the fat is removed. So, as a result, a lot of people think that since it's low-fat that they can eat as much as they like. Of course, that's simply not true, but that's what many people believe. In fact, they're probably worse off because they're consuming much more salt and sugar.

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