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[QUOTE=50176702]Dear all,

Do you know what is the standard way of calculating total cholesterol level? I note from the lab results for my mum and for myself (done in two different labs) that there is a difference in calculating the total cholesterol level. My mum's report done by Lab A shows a total cholesterol level of about 247, which is considered high. If Lab B's method is used, the figure will be slightly lower than 230.

Besides, for Lab A (i.e. for my mum), LDL above 130 is considered as "borderline"; yet for mine, the line is cut at 150. Which should I follow? My mum's LDL level is around 150, is it high?

The point of these questions is that, exactly on the basis of the figures from Lab A, my mum's doctor prescribes her a cholesterol-reducing medication (called Bezalip), though in low dosage (one tablet daily). I am wondering if this is necessary, particularly when her triglycerides level is normal (77) and her HDL is very good (over 60).

Do you have any idea about the calculation method or on where the lines should cut? Any knowledge about the side effects of the medication would also be welcomed. Many thanks.


If you mean that your mother had two different blood tests done at two different labs and they came up with two different TC numbers, this is not surprising. They are likely using the same testing protocol, but these numbers are not absolutes like your height. In other words, you could have the very same lab take a sample, five minutes later take another sample. Then send these two samples to the very same testing lab and they could come back with the differences you noted above for your mothers TC.

As zip noted, TC is always read directly. It is LDL that is calculated using the the formula zip provided.

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