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correct me if I am wrong wasn't tricor and another statin now pulled used in combination and caused several deaths. Lipitor is very similar to that pulled statin. I always do _____negative side effects toxic harvard (or berkley or world health organization) give it a go on your searching.
I think the Baycol deaths (52 ish) were caused by the Baycol (cerevastatin) itself and didn't really involve fenofibrate so it might be analagous to aspirin and arsenic being a dangerous combination!
I'm not too up on the facts about the Baycol lawsuits, though.[/QUOTE]

Well I thought my auxillary brain was right and it is : under google search tricor negative side effects toxic harvard ---first one listed reuters health well connected doc 23----written by medical doctors prof. at harvard----go to the last third of the document under the box combinations ----Baycol cerivastatin given with fibates---fibric acid derivatives fenofibrites---

This is a great document but I can't list the site or quote from it because I would need permission from the author and permission from the moderators here so you can search it yourself it is a wealth of information on this forum.

Baycol is next to lipitor in structure so consider that.

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