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A little about me: 32, excercise 4/week for many years, low BMI-overall good physical shape, family history of high cholesterol but not heart disease, diet is a perfect balance of the four food groups: dairy, red meat, fried foods and mexican.

cholesterol reading 3 months ago: Total 234
HDL 54
LDL 153
TRYG 135

Diet changes (lifestyle didnt change) due to cholesteral reading: elimination of deep fried food, major reduction in dairy (only skim/2% products and few of them), major reduction in red meat (and only lean when eaten), increase in veggies, huge increase in almonds (raw and toasted by me), increase in low/no fat snack foods (eg baked lays), basically a diet low in sat fat, moderate in mono unsat fat, and high in carbs

Results after 3 months: lost 6 lbs (not a good thing for my already skinny frame) Total 221 (down 6%)
HDL 55 (up 2%)
LDL 127 (down 17%)
TRYG 193 (up 43%)

Why the explosion in tryglicerates? I eat a lot of carbs, but I have always eaten alot of carbs, the only difference is the ratio of carbs to total calories.
Why did HDL go up (slightly)? I thought that tryglicerates and HDL have an inverse relationship...
Should I be concerned or do anything differently (please do not tell me to reduce my carbs-it is all I have left!!)


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