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[QUOTE=jblondi]1.) Do you know of a good website, or book, etc. Where I can find some foods that I can build a good daily diet from? Being an engineer I need to lay things out and follow them directly, so im looking for a resource that would allow me to pick and choose foods for a diet that I could live with.[/quote]

I don't really use a website or any one book per se. Some interesting reading that I found along the way was the Ornish diet books coupled with some advice in Julian Whitaker's "Reversing Diabetes" book. Granted, you did not say that you had diabetes, but you will probably find as you research this that much of the recommended diet falls within the ADA recommendations.

[quote]2.) Are the risks of Niacin and better or worse then tricor or lipitor? [/quote]

Hmm, Ok I look at this like apples and oranges. For people with extrememly high LDL, lipitor is the way to go. I don't think that applies to us. For people like me, when I was overweight and sedentary, my TG was somewhere in the stratosphere (>400 mg/dL) and my HDL was scraping bottom around 25 mg/dL. Tricol reduces the TG wonderfully and helps minimally with HDL. Niacin does wonders to HDL and helps some with lowering TG. My personal preference was to get active, lose weight and take Niaspan. However, the drawback to taking high loads of niacin (prescription Niaspan) is that you need quarterly checks on your liver to make sure that none of the markers are getting out of whack. In my case, my bilirubin was elevated, otherwise I would still be taking Niaspan.

[quote]3.) This to me is the most important. Im thinking of discontinuing all of my meds right now to try and rediscover my baseline without meds. I would like to try more natural methods of controlling this. Would you recommend this? [/QUOTE]

Personally, I wouldn't and didn't do this. I used the removal of meds as my reward for a job well done with respect to losing weight and changing my lifestyle. First off (or second?) came the Tricor, because my levels were in the 70s...and off of Tricor with continued weight loss I maintain TGs in the 30-40 mg/dL range. I also was able to drop the diabetes med around the same time. The hypertension meds came last because the difference between 170# and 155# on my 5'9" frame means a difference between about a 130/80 bp reading vs. 100/60 at the lower weight.

As Zip said, weight important. Good luck and do what you can.

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