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[I]Hello All,
I am new to the forums starting today but I am liking what I see. I would like to give a little run down of my health history, and what im trying to accomplish. My father passed at age 35 from heart failure. He was diagnosed with Hyperlipidemia V, which I inherited. Elivated lipid levels were discovered at an early age, and ive been on a low fat and cholesterol diet since. In the year 2000, at age 20 I was tested to find that my triglycerides were highly elevated, up in the 3000-4000 range. I was immediatly put on 160mg tricor, and 20mg lipitor. Now at age 23 my levels are much better, but still not perfect.

Chol - 179
HDL - 33
LDL - 82
Chol/HDLC Rat - 5.4
Tri - 321
Homocysteine - 12.2
Height - 5' 7"
Weight - 212lbs

Ive decided to get serious about trying to change my lifestyle to get these levels to where they need to be. I currently Mountain bike 3 - 4 hours a week, basically 1 hour rides after work, and pretty vigorously. Im trying to add more fish to my diet, and I might try the almond trick as well. I have a list of questions id like some help on below.

1.) Ive always had to battle with keeping my weight down. Im a bigger more muscular guy then most so its hard for me to eat salads all day and feel full. Would you suggest a calorie counting diet, or focus more on low fats? Any suggestions would help. I would like to realistically lose 20lbs and maintain a weight of 190 lbs.

2.) My doctor is switching me to Zocor because my insurance will not cover lipitor. Will that affect anything?

3.) I would like to try to lower my levels using more natural methods, such as fish oil, better diet, excercise etc. How can I test the effects of individual methods, such as adding fish oil. Im afraid that if I take away the tricor or Zocor and try the fish oil that my levels will sky rocket again?

4.) This is probably my worst habit. Being a young single guy I still like to go out to the bars. I realize that this is a No No for my diet. I prefer liquor over beer. Is there a drink that I can get away with that will be ok for my conditions?

THANKS!!!!! :bouncing:[/I]

Its been almost three months since this post and ive got some great news. I usually dont gloat about myself, but ive been kicking arse lately with tackling this disease. My new results: ;) .

Chol - 164
HDL - 42
LDL - 98
Chol/HDLC Rat - 3.9
Tri - 121
Homocysteine - Not tested
Height - 5' 7"
Weight - 187lbs

Its almost hard for me to believe. I used to take both lipitor and tricor...but I had my doctor just keep me on 160mg of tricor only. I uped my excercise to roughly 500 cals a day. I cut back on red meats, fats, oils, carbs, etc. I uped my intake of fish, and vegetables, and cut out alcohol completely. Losing the 25lbs has really helped too. I feel much better. Im still on pace to loose more target is 165, and hopefully by december ill be there. I plan on adding some alcohol back into my diet, but in sever moderation....maybe one or two drinks a week. Ive been tracking my calorie intake with a palm pilot and that has helped me balance everything. Thanks for all the support on this board...everyone has really been great. If anyone has questions, or comments, please feel free to offer.

Thanks again,

Jason :bouncing:
My lipid problems are/were similar to yours in some ways. I never had really bad LDL, but always had low HDL and high TG. Once I lost the weight and continued my exercise (daily 3 mile run) my TG dropped from >400 mg/dL to the 30-40 mg/dL range. My HDL went from 25 to 70 mg/dL, while my LDL stayed in the 80 mg/dL range.

Granted, everyone is different...but you may want to try getting your carbs solely from vegetables plus, maybe, 1 wheat roll or so at dinner. That is (in part) how I achieved weight loss and a reduction in plasma TG. I too was on Tricor to bring those 400+ mg/dL TG down to <155 mg/dL. However, now I am no longer dependent upon Tricor to keep the levels in normal range.

I would think the mountain biking is helping you, but the lifestyle changes that might help would be incorporation of fish oil, and more fish in your diet, reduction in caloric intake to decrease weight (if you can do so), continued exercise, reduction in sugars and other carbs that aren't complex carbs. By the way, Niacin (Niaspan by prescription) will help elevate your HDL and minimally reduce your TG. If you can handle the flushing, I would also incorporate that. I do drink a little red wine now, but also, keep in mind that beer will raise your plasma TG a bit. If you are willing, also try adding a B-complex vitamin supplement, and additonal folic acid to help decrease your homocysteine.

Good Luck.

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