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My lipid problems are/were similar to yours in some ways. I never had really bad LDL, but always had low HDL and high TG. Once I lost the weight and continued my exercise (daily 3 mile run) my TG dropped from >400 mg/dL to the 30-40 mg/dL range. My HDL went from 25 to 70 mg/dL, while my LDL stayed in the 80 mg/dL range.

Granted, everyone is different...but you may want to try getting your carbs solely from vegetables plus, maybe, 1 wheat roll or so at dinner. That is (in part) how I achieved weight loss and a reduction in plasma TG. I too was on Tricor to bring those 400+ mg/dL TG down to <155 mg/dL. However, now I am no longer dependent upon Tricor to keep the levels in normal range.

I would think the mountain biking is helping you, but the lifestyle changes that might help would be incorporation of fish oil, and more fish in your diet, reduction in caloric intake to decrease weight (if you can do so), continued exercise, reduction in sugars and other carbs that aren't complex carbs. By the way, Niacin (Niaspan by prescription) will help elevate your HDL and minimally reduce your TG. If you can handle the flushing, I would also incorporate that. I do drink a little red wine now, but also, keep in mind that beer will raise your plasma TG a bit. If you are willing, also try adding a B-complex vitamin supplement, and additonal folic acid to help decrease your homocysteine.

Good Luck.

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