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Helo Weho,

Welcome to the forum. I consider myself a newly found expert and on the road to a healthy life. I do see some potential serious problems with your recent evaluation, and im probably going to tell you some things that your not going to like....but dont fear, there are solutions.

First things first. Can you be sure that the machine used at Costco was accurate? A professional lab test dont at a doctors office requires you to fast (dont eat or drink) for 10-12 hours...otherwise the machine will produce results similar to your last meal. So a big mac before testing would show you just about to have a heart attack. I know that money is a concern...but money isnt worth anything if youre dead, so I would consider trying to get some sort of health insurance that covers blood testing...or try and front some cash to get a professinal lipid panel done.

Now, if the results still show that you are in this danger range your last option should be medication. Your first option should be to look at the things you eat, the things you do, your stress level, and how you can make them all better. If you read around on these boards you will see a wide range of painful side effects of taking medication, even the possibility of death. Dont be fooled by these TV commercials posing the cure to everything so you can eat your cake and have it too. I wont go into much detail about diet...there are a ton of posts showing foods to look out for, etc. I can recommend a book that I recently purchased that gave me a lot of insight on how my body works, and what all of those numbers mean. Its called "8 week cholesterol cure" by Robert Kowalski. For me personally Im not jumping on his oat bran and niacin plan, but it showed me how to reduce my calories, and how to avoid different types of fats etc. For an 8$ paperback book its a good investment.

With trigs of 500 yes that is high, but there are higher. I for example had trigs of 1500+. Not to say that 500 is safe, im just trying to make sure that you realize that running out and putting yourself on tons of meds right now might not be the best thing to do. This is just my personal assumption as well - but if you made it to 45 then im assuming that your levels have more recently risen....perhaps you have put on more weight, stoped watching your diet, etc. It can be reversed though, and now you have a good reason to start.

After getting your eating, weight, and excercise in control I would go back and get re-tested and see what your levels are. If then they are still at a very elevated level then I would make sure to get under some sort of doctors supervision. There are plans through the drug companies to help with the high costs of the medications. Here is a webpage for a company called pfizer...which makes lipitor. They have some programs for low income individuals along with many others. This is just an example...


Good Luck!

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