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I was afraid of that. You see, there's a contradiction for athletes: athlete's diets consist of 65-75% carbs, in order to BE ABLE to train as much as we do. Maybe not for the person who trains the "standard" 30min, 3 times a week. I'm talking about 5 days a week, 60-90min each time. It's pretty hard to sustain that kind of activity when you diet is low on carbs- carbs (glucose) IS the fuel for muscle activity.

Well, one thing at a time, right? I guess I've started already by training again, and I could stand to lose 10 pounds of winter weight (I think I read somewhere that weight loss helps lower triglycerides?) After my 8 weeks with training & policosanol, I'll get tested again, and then we'll see what happened to those tri's.

Thanks for responding!

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